Dr. Syb is a well-known keynote speaker, presenter and facilitator. She tailors her messages for her audience. Here are a few samples of her most recent and relevant topics. And of course, some clips of Dr. Syb in action.

Your Sins May Be Forgiven Yet Never Forgotten: Privacy in the Digital Age
Many people have no clue about how much information is readily available on the web. From the price, location and possibly even the layout of your home, public records are readily available in the virtual world.  Call in sick, don’t post on Facebook, you could lose your job.  Facebook posts have even forced litigation from the insurance industry. There is a case where a claim may be denied because of online communication. Dr. Syb will have the latest information and suggestions for your survival in this true age of access. An alternative title for this talk is: Public and Permanent

The Underground Railroad is Back…Shhh, Don’t Tell Nobody
This is Dr. Syb’s signature speech based on her forthcoming book.  She takes lessons from the slaves and applies them in the digital age. They are timeless and priceless. From word of mouth communication, branding and even creating the informal, unstructured network of friends for freedom, the historical relevance should not be ignored. It’s a necessary history lesson in the 21st century.

Innovating Freedom: A Virtual Reality
There are so many free digital tools. Entrepreneurs are not only creating them, they are capitalizing on them.  Learn what’s out there to help you and your business thrive. Remember, you are your business.


As a Consultant, Dr. Syb also helps businesses; churches, individuals and organizations create strategic plans.  Other areas for teaching, training and consulting include: Branding, Curriculum Development, She also provides guidance on social media strategy, facilitating change, curriculum development and Black identity development.

Teaching & Facilitating
It’s not enough to just talk about the digital tools and opportunities. Dr. Syb will literally take the time to teach you how to use them.  Need to learn how to create a blog, start tweeting or how to broadcast your own radio show? Dr. Syb will show you how.  She will also facilitate and/or emcee your retreat, meeting, wedding, anniversary or even your family reunion.

Told you, she has multiple personalities. Dr. Syb has been a hooker; well she did play one for a couple of seconds on the television version of The Untouchables.  She made her acting debut in Chicago at the Black Ensemble Theater as Geneva in Jackie Taylor’s acclaimed play, The Other Cinderella. She’s also done several commercials and industrials clients include: Motorola, McDonalds and Empire Carpet.

Can you see the pattern? No matter what Dr. Syb does she is educating and sharing news and information. Whether in the classroom or on assignment, she broadcasts knowledge to any and everyone who will listen.  A natural on camera, part comedian and scholar, she is an entertaining and engaging personality. She started reporting for Channel 8, now WNPT in Nashville on Tennessee Crossroads. In 2001, she began her stint as a general assignment reporter at the CBS station there.  Nowadays, you can catch her quick how tos and Multimedia Moments on You Tube.

Dr. Syb will write press releases, speeches, freelance articles, bios, executive summaries and other short writing projects.

Dr. Syb