The Multimedia Maven

NABJ 2011

It’s been 21 years since I attended my first National Association of Black Journalist’s conference in LA. I remember seeing Keenon Ivory Wayans, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., his son Jonathan and have pictures to prove it.

Back then, it was all about having fun. Today, the game has totally changed. Conferences are for serious people to connect and create. Yes, you can still have fun but don’t forget laughing only pays the bills if you’re a comedian.

Black journalists are needed more than ever. We still need print, tv and digital reporters trained to tell intentional and in-depth stories. IF Net Neutrality is defeated and large corporations control the broadband, newspapers, radio and word of mouth will still inform Black America.

Hope to see many of you in Philly. Do not amuse yourselves to death. Focus and fuel your future.

Dr. Syb